IoThings is here to make ‘Smart Lifestyle’ simple for your homes and businesses.

Let us help make your life ‘Simple Smart’. We can advise, design, install, and provide after-sales support for houses, condos, offices, hotels and property development projects.

Why Us?

loT Guru Team

IoThings can make IoT simple and easy for you. Our team of IoT gurus whose job is to make your house and condo smart with ease! Got a question? Ask them!

Smart Living

Our gurus can give you turnkey service for smart devices and information on smart living solutions. We are here 24/7 to for help you with your smart living needs.

Tuya Partner

IoThings is proud to be the first official partner of Tuya Smart in Thailand. If you don’t know Tuya Smart,
Tuya Smart is the world’s leading IoT platform provider.

Member of
BCH Group

You can trust us! We are part of the Benchachinda Group, a leading digital service provider in Thailand that has been in business for 60 years.

Advise, Setup
& Support

We know IoT sounds complex. Don’t worry. We have helped many people like you before. Give us a call us if you’re looking for advice or want to buy smart devices. We can also help design and install IoT for you too. We promise it will make your life more convenient and safe.

How 'Smart Living' can help your day?

More customizable routines await you!
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